Millions of people around the world are currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and more and more people are being diagnosed with the devastating disease on a daily basis.  Every 68 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's disease with projections by mid-century showing someone developing Alzheimer's every 33 seconds and effecting more than 13 million people and 46 million worldwide (Alzheimer's Association, 2015, Alzheimer's Disease International, 2015). With this alarming reality, Archer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was formed by a group of world-renowned scientists who have one goal in mind - to cure Alzheimer's disease.

Predicted Prevalence of Alzheimer's Disease 

The Motivation Behind the Science

"There is an emotional aspect that underlies why you go into science, that is often overlooked - the basic idea is trying to relieve the burden of human suffering that comes from diseases of the mind.  There is a huge amount of misery out there due to neuropsychiatric diseases, such as Alzheimer's.  That is the emotional aspect - that is the driver that gets you up in the morning and keeps you working year after year - to try and relieve that burden.

Anyone who tours our laboratories can immediately see the positive environment that has been created here at Archer. Our staff members are empowered, energized and share a total dedication to the mission of Archer. Our approach is simple - hire the best scientists, create an environment of innovation and move fast to find a cure.

I invite you to review one of our latest news articles in regards to our lead compound and the potential we see it having in treating Alzheimer's disease." Click here.